Do more with your OneNote tags

You use OneNote to organise your life.

It’s a fantastic piece of software. You don’t know how you’d manage without it.

But there is one problem: You want more flexibility with To-Do Tags.

OneNote doesn’t provide all the features you need.

  • You can’t set due dates
  • There is no concept of reminders
  • You can’t assign contexts or projects
  • You have to manually copy your tags in OneNote over to your to do list manager

If only there was a tool that could let you manage all of this.

Introducing Notebud

Notebud links your OneNote To-Do Tags to your favourite to do list manager.

Use OneNote as you normally do: for quick capture, brainstorming and project planning.

Notebud picks up on all tags in your notebook and transfers them to your favourite to do list manager.

Notebud remembers which tags have been exported and recognises when you tick them off your list.

It’s perfect for baking OneNote into your productivity system.

Notebud makes it easy for you to get organised and to get things done.