About Notebud


Introducing Notebud

Notebud links your OneNote To-Do Tags to your favourite to do list manager.

Use OneNote as you normally do: for quick capture, brainstorming and project planning.

Notebud picks up on all tags in your notebook and transfers them to your favourite to do list manager.

Notebud remembers which tags have been exported and recognises when you tick them off your list.

It’s perfect for baking OneNote into your productivity system.

Notebud makes it easy for you to get organised and to get things done.

Who is it for?

People looking to get more organised.

OneNote users with lots of todo lists.

People who have their own productivity system based on OneNote.

OneNote users looking to save time.

Sounds great! How do I get it?

You can’t, yet, sorry!

We will be looking for beta users soon, so if you’re interested then please register your interest using the form below.

Who are you, why should I trust you?

I am Darren Beale. I run Siftware, a software development company based in the UK that has been established for 10 years.

I am a passionate OneNote user. Notebud is being developed because I want a product like this to exist. See my blog post on the subject.

Siftware has been building complex software projects for our clients for 10 years. This time we will be building a project for a different client. You.

Ok, so you’re saying it’s vapourware?

No, it’s definitely a thing already, but we’re just finishing it off.

See here for our full FAQ.

Do you want to stay in the loop?

No problem. Sign up to our mailing list using the form below and you’ll get notified when we’re ready to launch.

Please also remember: the more people who register for interest, the sooner this product will be ready.