@Bealers, founder of Siftware.

@Bealers, founder of Siftware.

Notebud is a project of Siftware Ltd, a well established independent software development studio based in Shrewsbury, UK.

We are passionate OneNote users and advocates.

OneNote is baked into our daily workflows but there is a missing piece: the management of OneNote’s To-Do Tags.

We want to be able to add reminders, due dates, contexts and other meta data to our tags. This is currently impossible with OneNote.

Notebud will bridge the gap between OneNote and pre-existing to-do list managers.

Notebud is a software product that we want to exist.

We have already done extensive proof of concept work. We know that we can achieve what we propose. Development is going well and we’ll be ready soon to offer a preview to beta users.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Twitter: @notebud@bealers


Phone: +44 (0)845 680 9676

Post: Notebud. C/O Siftware. Westgate House, Hills Lane. Shrewsbury. SY1 1QU. UK

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