Frequently Asked Questions


Is what you want to achieve even possible?

Absolutely. We have already done extensive work proving the concept. Using the OneNote API we know that we can interact with OneNote to achieve our aims.

Who are you, why should I trust you?

I am Darren Beale. I run Siftware, a software development company based in the UK that has been established for 10 years.

I am a passionate OneNote user. Notebud is being developed because I want a product like this to exist. See my personal blog post on the subject.

Siftware has been building complex software for our clients for 10 years. This time we will be building a project for a different client. You.

What to do list managers will you support on launch?

Wunderlist, Todoist and possibly Outlook. But we are also looking to roll out Trello & RTM integration as soon as we can.

Do you plan to support more?

Yes. Which ones will be driven by user feedback.

Apart from syncing with task managers, what other features will it supply?

Initially Notebud will also be able to automatically create a month/week/day planner system each month as well as copying overdue and today’s tasks over to the cuurent day’s planner page.

After that we have a long list of ideas to implement, but we need to get v1.0 out of the door first.

What is your aim with Notebud?

To build the ultimate productivity system with OneNote at it’s core.

I want to know more, who can I contact?

Please see our contact page. All details are there.

How can I help your project?

You can spread the word, that would be amazing.