Plan your life with OneNote

The chances are that you recently watched a talk about life planning with OneNote.

In that talk there is a link to this page and, being curious, you followed it.

If so, thank you for taking an interest.

We’ve been building Notebud for some time and we’re nearly ready to launch.

But, before we do, we want to make sure that we launch with features that people want to use. That is to say rather than wasting our time building something that we think people need we’d much rather build something that people actually need.

That’s where you come in.

Our ultimate aim with Notebud is to build a suite of useful tools that use OneNote as the foundation for the ultimate productivity and planning system.

We want these tools to exist and we’re hoping that you do too.

OneNote is pretty good out of the box for creating a personal productivity systems (and a lot more besides), as we’re sure you already know. But some integration with external task management systems and the automation of certain housekeeping tasks would be great, and that’s just for starters. We’ve got lots of ideas that would keep our developers busy for quite some time and we need to prioritise what to ship first.

So, we’re asking you for 4 minutes of your life. Are you willing to fill in a very simple survey? You can complete it anonymously.

Take Survey


Any responses will be stored securely and you won’t get spammed as a result of filling it out.

Please let us have your opinions.

Thanks 🙂

Darren Beale

CEO Siftware Ltd